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4c. Connecting a DeLorme Earthmate USB GPS Receiver/Antenna

Created: 12/05/2003
Modified: 09/25/2012


Electronics Hookup and Configuration


DeLorme includes a simple USB GPS receiver as an option with many of their mapping products. While this GPS has been optimized for use with their products, it can be made to work with any navigation software application, including MyTopo's Terrain Navigator (and Terrain Navigator Pro.)

First, You Need a Driver
All USB GPSs (including DeLorme's) require a software 'driver' that relays information to and from the GPS, computer, and the various software applications. Please visit the following web page to download the driver for this device.
Once downloaded, double-click on the file:
and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

As of this writing, DeLorme makes the following disclaimer:
This driver is not for use with the 64bit version of Windows or any version of Windows 7. This driver is also not supported when coming out of sleep or hibernation mode.
In short, if you are using the Windows 7 operating system, DeLorme does not offer a driver for the Earthmate USB GPS. Instead, you should look at another manufacturer for a Windows 7 compatble GPS.

Well, I've found a driver and that's a start…
(with apologies to The Beatles)
Now, you need to tell Terrain Navigator where to find the GPS Signal.
1. From the 'GPS' menu, choose 'GPS Setup Wizard'.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
(If the GPS Wizard can not detect the GPS, select 'Setup' from the 'GPS' menu. Set the 'Manufacturer' to 'NMEA - generic' and specify the COM port determined during the above driver installation. Also, ensure that the correct baud rate of the GPS is selected in Port Settings. Then press 'Close')
3. Once the signal is detected, choose 'GPS Tracking', 'Start Tracking' from the 'GPS' menu.

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