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6f. Fix for erratic ('jumping') mouse behavior when the GPS is connected

Created: 12/05/2003
Modified: 05/07/2012


GPS Troubleshooting


A bug in Windows XP has been discovered by Microsoft where Windows detects a connected GPS as a mouse--this produces a jumping cursor. The following are the directions supplied by Microsoft support to correct the problem:

1. Turn off the GPS and close Terrain Navigator.

2. Right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties.

3. Select the Hardware tab, and click the Device Manager button.

4. Next to "Mice and other pointing devices," click the plus button to expand this list. You should see at least two items listed. One is the mouse you normally use, and the other will probably be listed as "Microsoft Serial Ball Point."

5. Highlight "Microsoft Serial Ball Point" and click the Disable button at the top of the window (it is usually the second button from the right; hover the cursor over it and read the ToolTip to verify).

6. In the confirmation message window that appears, click Yes.

7. Close the Device Manager.

8. Plug in/turn on your GPS.

9. Restart Terrain Navigator.

If these steps do not correct the issue, please contact your computer manufacturer for more troubleshooting assistance.

For More Information
Please see this Knowledge Base article on Microsoft.com:


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