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"Maptech adds rescue-friendly tools to mapping software" - Rick Hood, Fire Rescue Magazine

Using Terrain Navigator Pro for Search and Rescue - by Jack W. Peters

Using Pocket Navigator for Search and Rescue - Kevin M. Brewer

Now every Search Manager can easily create any number of accurate maps and quickly determine containment strategies and high probability areas where a lost person is likely to be found. Advanced search and rescue procedures include using Maptech's Terrain Navigator CD-ROMs showing the latest USGS topographic maps with GPS integration, 3-D views, and more.

Lt. Rick Estes with New Hampshire Fish & Game Department observes that "Terrain Navigator has put the entire search and rescue community on the same page. Its ability to customize an existing topo map is indispensable when you are dealing with multiple search teams. Working with GPS and having the capability to use different coordinate systems allows the search manager to deal with different types of search and rescue resources at the click of a mouse. For example, you can move from an aircraft using lat/lon to a ground team using UTM in seconds. Terrain Navigator has done more to professionalize our search and rescue effort in recent years than any one tool that I can think of."

Key Search And Rescue Benefits Using Terrain Navigator:
  • Print as many maps as needed - everyone has the same map - eliminates misinformation.
  • No more searching for the next map or lining them up, Terrain Navigator's seamless maps make the process flow smoothly and efficiently.
  • Project the path of least resistance for a lost person based on the existing contour and being able to view surrounding area quickly.
  • Collect search team waypoints using GPS, and radio back to the Search Manager to update existing maps.
  • Mark the map with the known PLS (place last seen) and project high probability search areas.
  • Save valuable time - plan your strategy with the best available data and do it quickly.
  • Direct search teams to a sighting or re-assign manpower for a carry-out by viewing the topos on your computer screen and laying out the best route.

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